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Welcome to the Open Shop Channel Beta website. This website is unfinished and is actively taking feedback. Send feedback on the feedback page.

Shop 'till you drop.

The Open Shop Channel is a revival project for the Homebrew Browser, an application to download homebrew apps on the Wii.

"Open your shop." We said. "Stop having it be closed."

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The best Homebrew
Diverse library of apps

We manually review and approve the homebrew that goes into our repository.

No need to access your SD card
Download over the internet

You can use your Wii to download homebrew, so you don't have to constantly put your SD Card in your computer to add homebrew.

New Homebrew
Everything is up to date

The Open Shop Channel (our server for the Homebrew Browser) has homebrew that the HBB never had.

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I see - Open Shop Channel Team, 2018 - 2020.