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The Open Shop Channel has been possible thanks to these people.
  • Billy
  • BowzasaurusRex
  • CornierKhan1
  • DarkPhoenix10
  • dhtdht020
  • Larsenv
  • Spotlight
  • All GitHub Contributors

Our Story

The Open Shop Channel was started in March 2018 by Disconnect24, who wanted to make a service to download homebrew apps with your Wii again.

The original plan for the project was to make a Wii Shop Channel replacement, which was a lot of work that we didn't enjoy and not fun to work on.

An additional service was planned called Club Spot, which gave you perks for using the Open Shop Channel.

What we originally envisioned the Open Shop Channel to be was ambitious. It wasn't gonna work out.

We eventually changed our plans to revive the Homebrew Browser, an app to download homebrew.